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Metropolitan Oasis – S/ Magazine Fall 2015

S/ Style and Fashion Magazine, which is based out of Toronto, is a globally minded design magazine that features stunning architecture in each issue. Contribution: Writer

Vintage Colour Palettes

Authentic vintage colours are soft and rich, and when combined in the right away, can produce a beautiful vista of vintage décor in your home. To establish a vintage colour palette you can follow a number of different methods. In general they will all produce similar results, but it’s best to make sure you are starting out with a true vintage central colour, around which to build your palette, for your vintage home décor to be authentic.

S Style & Fashion Magazine Summer 2015

  S/ Style and Fashion Magazine, which is based out of Toronto, is a globally minded design magazine that features a stunningly styled home in each issue. Contribution: Writer    

Social Language Around Serious Illness Is Doing More Harm Than Good

By: Jenn Schleich / Published @ Bustle.com Isolating. That’s the word Cosmopolitan’s beauty editor Deanna Pai used to describe her experience as a 25-year-old second time cancer patient with hepatoblastoma (a type of liver cancer) in a blunt, raw, and angry personal essay within the pages of Cosmo’s April issue. She’s pissed and she’s disconnected, but […]

Purrfect Décor Solutions

This special feature, appearing in the OUR HOMES Magazine summer 2015 issues, looked at integrating your furry friends (a.k.a. your pets) into your home’s décor and design in efficient, stylish and clutter-minimizing ways.

17 Alternative Wedding Dresses For The Adventurous Bride To Be

By Jenn Schleich / Published at Bustle.com Despite our proclivity for perusing the World Wide Web all hours of the day and night, many of us have only been treated to alternative wedding fashions in passing and even fewer have attended a wedding where a bride wore anything other than a white gown. Wedding fashions […]

12 Badass Maternity Photos That Will Surprise You

There are some things our culture thinks you just shouldn’t do if you’re a pregnant woman. Whether it’s eating sushi, lifting weights, or sporting a mohawk, we tend to still have pretty conservative notions about women who are expecting. Well, these women and their maternity photos are here to tell society to shove it.

The DAMNsel Pussy Pouch Can Change The Way We Think About Being A Woman

“Pussy Pouch” sounds like a euphemism destined for the tombs of Urban Dictionary, but it’s actually a fashion accessory with a feminist twist. The intimate pale pink clutch resembling a vagina is part of a growing movement that recognizes the contemporary and historical impact fashion has had on transforming social ideologies and institutions.

Our Homes Mag Spring 15

Spring is Here at OUR HOMES

The Spring 2015 issue of OUR HOMES Magazine: tips for decorating interior wall space, Pantone’s colour of the year, maple syrup recipes, DIY projects and a towering timber frame home.

Winter 14/15

OUR HOMES Winter 2014/15

Learn about how people lived in the early 20th century, explore a winter country home and experience natural materials in décor.

OUR HOMES Spring 2014 Issue

Garden parties go hand in hand with warmer weather; take some advice from our experts on how to wow, explore a rich diversity of texture and colour this spring, and visit a chic loft brimming with artistic inspiration.

OUR HOMES Summer 2013

Visit two patio paradises, be chic in the shade with Decor Designs and kick back and enjoy a beer while learning about Ontario micro-breweries.


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