Light Up My Night (Mason Jar Solar Lights)

Pinterest is all about instant gratification. Pin now, read later. More like pin now, never look at again. Somehow it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished plenty, when in fact you’ve only spent several hours browsing the internet dreaming about the things you’d like to accomplish and likely never will.

Pearce often gives me this look when I’m playing on Pinterest. There’s only one way I can justify this behaviour in his eyes, and that is to actually do the projects I pin on pinterest. Usually this involves cooking or baking or something food related.¬†However, this time I did something a little different.

Meet my first garden Pinterest project: the mason jar solar light.

Glowing mason jars

Can you believe you can pay $35 for a single mason jar solar light. As an avid home preserver I already own mason jars, so this project cost me $10 – $1 per solar light jar. Thank you Walmart.

I Googled a couple different tutorials and ended up just kind of winging it. Some people used bent paper clips to suspend the lights in the jars, others used duct tape. I ended up cutting square holes out of the lids, the size of the solar panel, and using double sided tape (the kind you scrapbook with) to suspend my lights. It didn’t work. I found some really thick and gooey double sided tape, kind of like the adhesive on the back of command hooks – that did the trick.




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