A little pot of colour

We dabbled in colour in art class this week, which was a nice break from all the black and white and a perfect kick-off to autumn. Strictly speaking, autumn isn’t nearly as colourful as spring or summer, but the colours are so rich and vibrant that it more then makes up for the pale blue sky and disappearing green. Ancient metal tractors in bold hues, paint peeling and deep red rust peeking through, knee deep in golden hay fields. Crinkled and drying yellow, red, purple, orange leaves twirling to the earth. White capped deeply blue waves. Deer scattered at the forests’ edge. In-your-face orange pumpkin patches. Markets polka-dotted by bountiful butternut and acorn squash. And dark roast coffee, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte; it even smells and tastes rich.

Little Pot


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