Owls In A Bar: But Where Has All The Alcohol Gone!

If you’re British or are lucky enough to be travelling in Britain this month do not miss your chance to visit with owls. Of course, you’ll have to compete for a limited selection of tickets (less than 120 per night), you might have to fly solo and you definitely won’t be getting drunk.

You’ve probably heard talk of it; they’re calling it The Owl Pop Up and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to party with owls. But, it’s turning into just another reason to get animal rights activists up in arms.


A group of owl loving Brits, who just want to have a couple drinks with their favourite feathery companions, have unknowingly incited a rage. Owls in a bar? Gasp! This is surely a recipe for doom. Animal rights protesters have been raising a ruckus about the event, even going so far as to harass the The Owl Barn Centre, the charity originally designated to receive the proceeds. Due to the harassment the charity has withdrawn and organizers had to find a new organization to donate to. Credit: Tumblr

“The Barn Owl Centre was overwhelmed by the media attention and skeptics, which prompted them to withdraw their support for the event and not accept donations,” wrote Seb Lyall in a press release about the kerfuffle.

Facebook was abuzz with the news last week that a lottery might win you a chance to get drunk with owls. Apparently there are a lot of people out there who are affectionate for the nocturnal fowl. On the other hand, maybe there are just a lot of people affectionate about drinking. But, I guess what they say is true: publicity is a double-edged sword.

This is an innocent event fundraising for owl sanctuaries we’re talking about here. Do activists really think the organizers didn’t put any forethought into their soiree? People who would dare force an owl into a London nightclub must not be capable of taking the most stringent precautions to make it safe for owls to partake in a rare chance to party. Precautions like not bringing in wild owls fresh from the English countryside.

Yes, these owls are in fact professionals who are accustomed to public events and each comes equipped with its very own falconer.

No, they aren’t delivering your mail for minimum wage or taking a lethal curse directly from the wand of Lord Voldemort. They’re just hitting the town for a couple socials at a spacious Soho lounge from March 19-25.

Credit: IMGUR

But still, shame on you owl lovers. Shame on you.

Imagine the debauchery that might unfold after patrons have met their stringent 2-alcholic cocktail limit. Next thing you know those plastered wankers would be trampling birds left and right. It’s a sit-down event of course.


Despite the actions of the righteous, the party goes on. Organizers have responded to concerns by eliminating alcohol from the equation and are offering smoothies instead.

“We believe that 64,000 people (and +125,000 tickets applied for) have registered for the event because they love owls and not because of the alcohol,” wrote Lyall. This is an “event that invites people to relax, enjoy smoothies and learn about owls in a unique setting,” the release continues.

Lyall must be right because Anne the Owl’s tweetwall (the owl in question) has been inundated with supportive Londoners who “reallyyyyyyyy want to go to the Owl Pup Up”.

Credit: evanna11.tumblr.com


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