If you can capture one moment of meaning and translate its worth, in the expression of art or writing, to another person, then you have done something of significance

Jenn Schleich is a features writer and editor working on her first novel. She has a background in print media, both newspapers and magazines, and also works on the internet.

She is a managing editor for Our Homes Media Group, writes for select magazines, including Our Homes Magazine and S/Style Mag, has been a regular contributor to Bustle, POSHGLAM, Ourhomes.ca and The Cliffhanger, and has been published in Quail Bell Magazine, Catalyst Magazine and at The Indie Chicks. In the past she has also written for the likes of Sun Media (now Post Media), Mapple Leaf Country/Parks Blogger Ontario, PaperNews and Lakeside Living.

She is passionate about writing because the complete written works of human history comprise a conversation that extends across geopolitical borders, languages, and time. If you can read, then you can listen to the conversation of humanity, and if you can write, then you can participate. Communications is the most important path to changing the way that people think about anything. For these reason Jenn is simultaneously concerned with literacy and censorship issues.


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  1. Such an interesting blog page.. your contents are so eclectic and yet I find it all sooo my taste. I am really glad I found you. I couldn’t almost recognize your new “do”! I luurvveee it! And that photo of you & your little Tot is so wonderful. Thanks Jenn, for taking time so I could be able to follow your awesome Blog.X

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