Do I need to hire a local content writer or editor?
Most often no! I am available to sit down and meet if you require, but the majority of my work is done over the phone and via email. If you focus only on hiring locally you will be limited by the talent and experience available. It’s best to find a writer who is a good fit for you, regardless of location.

Do I need a writer with expertise in my field?
If you are in a highly specified and detail-oriented field you may need a writer with some experience. However, finding the best writer should be about your comfort level with the person and the services they offer. Writers are often adept researchers and well versed in writing about subjects with which they have little direct experience.

Why work with Penned By Jenn?
My experience and passion for my trade is evident in all my work. Regardless of content type, I put 100% of my effort into producing the best content for you and editing it to precision. My flexibility allows us to work together to find the best pricing and time frames for your project. I take deadlines extremely seriously and will continue to edit your project until you are pleased with the results.


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