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10 Must-Grill Foods You’ve Never Thought Of

By Jenn Schleich / Published at So it’s snowing right now; I’m calling it Snowmageddon Spring 2015. If you missed it don’t worry, spring snow isn’t anything to write home about. In fact let’s all wipe it from our memories. Let’s pretend it didn’t happen and instead focus on the thing we should all […]

Six Novels All Book Lovers Should Read

By Jennifer Schleich / Originally published in The Cliffhanger, April 2015 Spring is an excellent time to start cleaning, or so they say. On the other hand, cleaning is one of those chores that’s never finished, so why bother. I recommend dusting off your bookshelf instead. You cannot write if you have not read, or […]

10 Reasons I Love My Small Boobs Even More As I Get Older

 By Jenn Schleich / Published by Growing older has been the best thing that could ever happen to my boobs. They’re finally getting the accolades they’ve long deserved. If I had a dollar for every time I experienced a negative emotion about my small chest during my teenage years, I’d be dancing to the Greenback […]

Coffee Lovers Rejoice: 16 Ways to Transform Mugs into Décor

As published in Create & Bake (Feb. 26, 2015). Most of us own an over abundance of mugs. Where they all come from, I don’t think we really know. They are part of the kitchenware detritus that seems to accumulate over the years, overcrowding already overcrowded cupboards and taking up valuable storage space. I swear there […]


It’s Not Like Riding A Bike

Once you’ve learned to ride a bicycle, you aren’t likely to forget. You could go two months, two years or twenty and still be able to climb up on that seat and peddle away; but how well?

Wiarton Willie, CBC Photo - Nathan Denette/CP

Grundsaudaag, Murmeltiertag

As I stare out the window into an abyss of white I wonder… Do you believe in superstition?

Keep Your Pup Safe in Cold Weather

By Jenn Schleich     We have a sad St. Bernard in our house. We had mishap on Monday night, sometime around midnight Winston got left outside, by accident, and was discovered around 4:30 a.m. when the baby woke up. It was chilly out there, about -15 °C (that’s 5 °F if you’re American). I […]

(Original image: Voices From Russia)

New Years Hype + 10 Tips to Make It Stick

By Jenn Schleich The New Years hype and high is starting to wear off. Those post-holiday blues are starting to set in. January is nearly half over; this is the point when people start losing momentum with their resolutions. No one likes to lose momentum. There’s little that’s more humbling, or humiliating I suppose, then screeching to […]

Photo Credit: Freaktography

Frozen In Time

As published in The Cliffhanger (Nov. 27). by Jennifer Schleich The urban environment is an amazing place; it’s a shining example of human technological accomplishment. Skyscrapers, rooftop gardens, concrete highways and soaring overpasses cover vast acres of land. Perfectly manicured lawns and gardens are interspersed with brand new parks and neighbourhoods. It’s an environment rife […]

We Go Way Back, Snow and Me

The scent: cold, but humid, and clean and fresh. The feeling: a shiver. Maybe that part is a brisk north wind. To me the smell of imminent snowfall is completely natural.

100 Years Gone By

Column about the anniversary of World War I as it appeared in The Cliffhanger / October 2014


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