Photography Portfolio

As a journalist during a time of swiftly shrinking budgets I was required to take up the post of in-resident photographer in addition to reporter; simultaneously news journalism was expanding into the online market and digital images were becoming increasingly important accompaniments to news reporting. Without any formal training and handling a fancy DSLR outside […]

SOS Anti-Nuclear Protest

Article about an anti-nuclear group protesting the NWMO’s proposed nuclear waste deep geological repository planned for the national storage of Canada spent nuclear fuel.

RCMP Musical Ride Photography

As published in The Shoreline Beacon (Jun. 26, 2012). Photography of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride by Jennifer Schleich               

Walkerton Jail Closure Sparks Protest

As published in The Kincardine News & Hanover Post  By Jenn Schleich A large group of protestors spent Friday (April 29) afternoon fighting back against the forthcoming closures of the Owen Sound and Walkerton jails, while protesting outside Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell’s office in Kincardine. “We are here todaybecause of the huge impact these closures […]


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