10 Must-Grill Foods You’ve Never Thought Of

By Jenn Schleich / Published at TheCliffhanger.ca

So it’s snowing right now; I’m calling it Snowmageddon Spring 2015. If you missed it don’t worry, spring snow isn’t anything to write home about. In fact let’s all wipe it from our memories. Let’s pretend it didn’t happen and instead focus on the thing we should all be doing right about now: barbecuing. We have four solid months, maybe five if we’re lucky, of BBQ season ahead of us and I personally try to make the most of it.

There’s nothing that says summer more than the smell of someone barbecuing in their backyard. I’m not sure if it’s the caramelizing sugars in BBQ sauces, the aromatic flavour combinations of steak and fresh garden veggies wafting through the air or simply a sense of remembered nostalgia for all the wonderful summers of the past.

One of my all-time favourite things to grill up on the BBQ is chicken. That’s right, just plain old boring chicken. There’s something about grilling chicken that just completely changes the flavour dynamic. Of course chicken is pricey these days and it’s by no means very interesting. There’s a whole world of food out there you probably never considered grilling.

Here’s my list of must-grill foods:

1.  Corn On The Cob

Grill with the husks on for flavourful, sweet and perfect corn on the cob every time. This method takes a little longer than boiling but is worth the extra minutes.

2.  Pineapple

Grilled pineapple is a whole other level of sweet and juicy; it’s like eating sunshine.

3.  Pizza

Toss a frozen or fresh pizza straight on the grill or use a pizza stone if you own one for a more evenly cooked finished product. Remember to place your cold stone on the cold grill and heat it simultaneously with the BBQ to protect its structural integrity.

4.  Eggs

Pop them in a cast iron skillet and sizzle up your breakfast out on the patio campfire style.

5.  Pound Cake

While I don’t recommend cooking a pound cake on the BBQ, grilling sliced pound cake to warm it before serving with ice cream is a fun way to do dessert.

6.  Peaches

Like pineapple, the sweetness and flavour of peaches are multiplied by grilling.

7.  Lobster

Why heat your house with steaming pots when you can grill your fresh caught (if you’re lucky) lobster instead.

8.  Avocado

If you are in a guacamole funk, grilling avocado is an interesting way to switch things up.

9.  Banana Splits

Will the wonders of the modern world never cease? Grill your bananas with skin sliced open, or chop up and skewer with cake bites to serve over ice cream shish kabob style.

10.  Quesadilla

Get your Mexican on and make your Quesadillas like the restaurants do, over the open flame.

Image: Firepile/Flickr


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