Beauty Bliss: Facial Waters On The Go

Copy produced for Phyto-C and Osmosis Skincare / Published by POSHGLAM

Your face needs a splash of mineral water like it needs a spritz of hair spray. That is to say, never, because not all face mists are created equal. We don’t enjoy overpaying for boring aerosolized spring water and we don’t think you do either.

What your face could use is a next-generation product packed with vitamins, botanicals, glycerin and essential oils that will put your mother’s face mists to shame. These nutrient packed facial waters are possibly the most economical and convenient way to replicate the sought after day-long glow that only comes from a morning facial. Who has time for a morning facial anyway?

There’s another emerging component to the world of facial water: harmonized water. Products containing scalar waves (fancy electromagnetic [pseudo?] science) and harmonic frequencies are earning a lot of hype from celebrities for their purported ability to calm skin, stabilize bacteria levels and kick-start rejuvenation. It all sounds a little woolly though, right?

There are plenty of products that are basically water in a can (i.e. Evian, Avène, Vichy and La Roche-Posay). If you want the benefits of facial water you want to look for products like these:

Phyto-C’s Icy Blue Mist 

This mist is packed with a strong-arm antioxidant (vitamin B5) and green tea extract, so right off the bat we know it’s got something going for it. It’s also formulated with hyaluronic acid, which helps bind the solution to skin cells, resulting in plumper more hydrated tissue. Plus: it’s hypo-allergenic and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Osmosis Skincare Clear Activating Mist

If you’re interested in hopping on the harmonized water bandwagon Osmosis’ product is the one to try, and Czech model Karolina Kurková recommends it as her go-to refresher spritzer. Apparently it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral wonder in a bottle, equipped with properties that promote epidermal and keratinocyte growth (those are good things).

Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray

Speaking of models recommending products, super model Jessica Stam once told Vogue she was crazy for Mario Badescu’s facial spray, which is packed with aloe, herbs and rosewater. Given our historical geographic proximity I was keen to check out her recommendation for myself. While strongly perfumed, so you’ll want to avoid if you’re sensitive to scents, it was a nice morning wake-up for my skin and worked great on taming my mid-winter flyaway hair.

Let’s recap:

1. Facial water is a great refresher for mid-day, mid-evening, mid-whatever. You’ll look like you just took a cat nap, while your coworkers and gal pals are starting to look, how should we phrase this? Tired.

2. Facial mists and daily moisturizers are a tag-team combination. Packed with hydrating power, spritzing your face shortly before applying your moisturizer will help lock in that moisture.

3. Makeup magic. Facial water spritzed on your skin between each layer of makeup is supposed to give your skin a plump, hydrated look. Finally, a top spray over the makeup is an effective method for “setting” cosmetics and eliminating a powdery complexion. Tip: apply like perfume; don’t spray directly on your face but in front and glide on through to a perfect finish.


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