This 23-Year-Old Wants A Hysterectomy For Her Endometriosis — So Why Didn’t Doctors Want To Give Her One?

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By now, you’ve heard that Angelina Jolie removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes in order to protect herself from developing cancer. Her announcement, published Tuesday in an op-ed in the New York Times, has helped to raise awareness about the choices a woman can take to manage the terms of her own health. But cancer prevention is just one reason a woman might remove her reproductive organs.

Take my friend, university student 23-year-old Kyra Yeo, who is about to undergo a hysterectomy. Unlike Jolie, she isn’t taking precautionary measures to prevent cancer. Yeo is getting the surgery because she suffers from a painful disorder called endometriosis, a disease which causes uterine tissue to grow outside of the uterus.

Only about half of the 6-10 percent of women who suffer from endometriosis experience chronic pain, and Yeo is one of them. Endometriosis has been the source of debilitating pain that has impacted her life to a profound degree for more than a decade.

“I was so incredibly isolated for several years because I was too fatigued and worn out to hang out with friends. I had a reputation as the ‘fun police’ and most people who I thought were my friends ended up dropping me,” Yeo tells Bustle…



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