Lacoste + J. Crew -

J. Crew and Lacoste Collaborate On New Line

As published on March 2, 2015
By Jenn Schleich

For the love of polo shirts, J. Crew and Lacoste are teaming up to bring a line of exclusive polos to the streets for Spring. The newest collaboration in the fashion world infuses the traditional French polo shirt with a fresh breath of modern American style.

Available in a number of colors, notably white, navy, burgundy and orange, the shirts will be available in J. Crew’s “Looks We Love” section. Appearing on the classically styled shirts is a vintage Lacoste logo dating from 1983. The shirts will offer a slimmer cut than Lacoste shoppers are used to wearing, in addition to soft cotton that gives a well-worn vibe to the shirts.

Lacoste + J. Crew -

The entire marketing campaign around the shirts is equally vintage, showcasing images from Lacoste’s historical archives of children and adults sporting vintage looks from a time gone by…




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