Kitchen Trends: Metal In Your Kitchen Design


The white kitchen has held a tight grip on its position as the reigning go-to style choice for interior kitchen design, but even the longest ruling dynasties eventually give way to what’s new and fresh. In this case, the latest kitchen trends are in metal.

When designer Christopher Peacock brought the all-white kitchen to the forefront of interior design in the early 2000s, he was, quite simply, tired of looking at in-your-face kitchens. Apparently so was everyone else, as evidenced by the huge and enduring surge in the colour’s popularity. Unfortunately, the all-white look is so popular it has almost become synonymous with “everyday” and “ordinary.” However, change is coming. Bold hued cabinetry, as well as black kitchens, are the latest kitchen trends, and they are increasingly frequent in kitchen design lookbooks.

Though the black kitchen is something interesting to think about, here at OUR HOMES, we think metal kitchens are about to steal the spotlight. We love metal and all the ways it can be incorporated into a kitchen redesign, to give a space a sleek and modern look. We also love how functional metal surfaces are – especially when you’re talking about our cultural germophobia – impervious, nonporous and easy to clean.

Metal has long been a component of home design, lending its structural stability to furniture, accents and built-in features to give them long-lasting durability. And slowly but surely, it has been angling to become the element of style itself. Once stark and alienating, the industrial décor look, famous for its use of metal work, has blurred into other aesthetic trends. Crossover terms like “chic industrial,” “industrial vintage” and “rustic meets industrial” have become part of our interior décor lexicon and metal has increasingly been popping up looking soft and welcoming…





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