She Shed Ideas: Women’s Answer To The Man Cave

By Jenn Schleich / Published at

You may or may not have heard of she sheds, the grown-up Wendy houses that have been garnering internet attention lately. If you weren’t a Peter Pan fan, a Wendy house is a small playhouse built for children inspired by J.M. Barrie’s famous play. She sheds are essentially the same, but for the adult woman who fondly reminisces on the imaginative escapism of her childhood. Or rather, for the adult woman who just needs a break for the chaos and go-go-go of modern life.

The woman’s answer to the man cave is a potting shed transformed into a garden haven. Though we love the idea of giving women a designated oasis in (or out of) the home, where she can escape for quiet solitude to contemplate life, write, read, paint or work on various hobbies, we don’t think women want to cuddle up with a book among soil-caked clay pots and long-legged spiders. Rustic might be in right now, but today’s “rustic” is a high-design take on real rustic. Don’t get confused and spend your evenings sitting in a light layer of soil while your husband lounges on quality leather.

The man cave has become a zone of male luxury, complete with the plushest Lazy Boys, neon lights, pool tables, custom bars and bottles of Scotch that could empty your bank account. Why exactly are women caves relegated to the likes of DIY redecorated garden sheds when men are putting home theatres in their basement and calling it a day? At OUR HOMES we say enough is enough, it’s time women enjoyed a little private luxury too. If you’re thinking about getting yourself a she shed this summer, go for luxe, whether that means decorating your garden shed to the nines or opting for a brand new prefab or custom-built structure instead.

We’ve done the legwork and have compiled a series of inspirational she shed ideas and contemporary shed designs to get you started. Check out these garden studio spaces for inspiration; they will make your femme pals jealous of your she “shed” and your husband do a double-take.




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