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The Journey or the Destination

As published in The Cliffhanger, Thurs. Feb 19 2015

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By Jennifer Schleich

Home is a source of comfort; a place we are drawn to return to. By no means should it be a place we always stay.

To come to know the world in which we live is something difficult to accomplish without leaving home. Though our contemporary society is over brimming with rich literature and visual media, enjoying a photograph of a mountain view cannot possibly convey the emotional experience of standing on a mountain.

We’re into mid-February now; the last stretch of winter and possibly the hardest part of the season to get through. I look around and my neighbours and friends are flying the coop left, right and centre to escape the winter blues. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say half my social circle has a trip booked in the next couple weeks. I envy those of you who are touching down right now in sweltering hot and sunny destinations.

That jealousy inducing dash for the airport gates, for which February and March are famous (hello spring break), is but one kind of travel: a vacation – when the destination is the focus and the actual travel is a burden endured to get there. Sometimes it’s more of a burden than others, you know like when you’re traveling with a two-year-old or have five connecting flights.

Other times it’s the journey that matters. For some, adventure is where the heart dwells and then travel is more about the experience and wonder of roaming from place to place.

Recently, I won’t say who, but someone in my house has been binging on the TV show Departures (now on Netflix) – most people probably haven’t heard of it. Filmed between 2008 and 2010 by a group of young Canadians from Ontario, it’s an around-the-world backpacking journey of high school friends Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach, and their videographer Andre Dupuis.

Canadian down to its soul, an easy familiarity with the everyday duo blurs the boundary of the TV screen…




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