Beauty Bliss: Facial Waters On The Go

Copy produced for Phyto-C and Osmosis Skincare / Published by POSHGLAM

Your face needs a splash of mineral water like it needs a spritz of hair spray. That is to say, never, because not all face mists are created equal. We don’t enjoy overpaying for boring aerosolized spring water and we don’t think you do either.

What your face could use is a next-generation product packed with vitamins, botanicals, glycerin and essential oils that will put your mother’s face mists to shame. These nutrient packed facial waters are possibly the most economical and convenient way to replicate the sought after day-long glow that only comes from a morning facial. Who has time for a morning facial anyway?

There’s another emerging component to the world of facial water: harmonized water. Products containing scalar waves (fancy electromagnetic [pseudo?] science) and harmonic frequencies are earning a lot of hype from celebrities for their purported ability to calm skin, stabilize bacteria levels and kick-start rejuvenation. It all sounds a little woolly though, right?

There are plenty of products that are basically water in a can (i.e. Evian, Avène, Vichy and La Roche-Posay). If you want the benefits of facial water you want to look for products like these:

Phyto-C’s Icy Blue Mist 

This mist is packed with a strong-arm antioxidant (vitamin B5) and green tea extract, so right off the bat we know it’s got something going for it. It’s also formulated with hyaluronic acid, which helps bind the solution to skin cells, resulting in plumper more hydrated tissue. Plus: it’s hypo-allergenic and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Osmosis Skincare Clear Activating Mist

If you’re interested in hopping on the harmonized water bandwagon Osmosis’ product is the one to try, and Czech model Karolina Kurková recommends it as her go-to refresher spritzer. Apparently it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral wonder in a bottle, equipped with properties that promote epidermal and keratinocyte growth (those are good things).

Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray

Speaking of models recommending products, super model Jessica Stam once told Vogue she was crazy for Mario Badescu’s facial spray, which is packed with aloe, herbs and rosewater. Given our historical geographic proximity I was keen to check out her recommendation for myself. While strongly perfumed, so you’ll want to avoid if you’re sensitive to scents, it was a nice morning wake-up for my skin and worked great on taming my mid-winter flyaway hair.

Let’s recap:

1. Facial water is a great refresher for mid-day, mid-evening, mid-whatever. You’ll look like you just took a cat nap, while your coworkers and gal pals are starting to look, how should we phrase this? Tired.

2. Facial mists and daily moisturizers are a tag-team combination. Packed with hydrating power, spritzing your face shortly before applying your moisturizer will help lock in that moisture.

3. Makeup magic. Facial water spritzed on your skin between each layer of makeup is supposed to give your skin a plump, hydrated look. Finally, a top spray over the makeup is an effective method for “setting” cosmetics and eliminating a powdery complexion. Tip: apply like perfume; don’t spray directly on your face but in front and glide on through to a perfect finish.


Designer Fashion Jewelry @ZeeBerry

Copy produced by Jenn Schleich for / Published by POSHGLAM

There’s nothing run of the mill about jewelry destination, where jewelry fanatics can find designer baubles in the latest and hautest styles. The company recently upped its game with a site redesign, giving the e-store a classic and elegant feel — something that’s made shopping life more interesting for its rapidly growing fanbase, and a little more functional.

ZeeBerry, with a small team, but fresh out of the gates style has already filled 300k plus orders. Which isn’t surprising once you have a look through their fashion-forward collections. Prices range from $20 to $400, and there’s something in-store for every price point and taste; just another example of the expanding “affordable luxury” market sweeping the globe.

Current CEO, Justin Boggs, recently took the reins and ZeeBerry has become remarkably more popular. Growing its online presence as a top designer fashion jewelry retailer and brand destination for 20-somethings and style savvy 30-somethings.

From classic Audrey Hepburn meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s flare, to looks that are more modern than contemporary, it’s no wonder ZeeBerry is fulfilling our fashion-crazed generation’s love for quality statement pieces and arm-candy style. The company also carries lines from notable designers including: Alex and Ani, Dogeared, Gorjana, Chan Luu, Kendra Scott and Satya.

For ZeeBerry shoppers the sky is their limit and changing each day-to-day look is as easy as picking from the wide assortment of jewelry available. For more info visit:


Style It Up: Timeless Adornments

Copy produced by Jenn Schleich for TicWatches, Harrods & Harvey Nichols / Published by POSHGLAM

Accessories can make or break a great outfit, so give yourself a little bling and let the accessories do all the talking. The right watch, shoe, bracelet, bag or scarf can take your outfit from blah to wow, while also setting you apart from the crowd if someone else happens to walk into the room wearing the same dress. Different accessories can also help you transition your clothing from casual to business, or professional to evening wear.


A watch is a completely functional statement piece that is a staple wardrobe item. Everyone needs a good watch, or six. Investing in a beautiful time piece is a decision that you will never regret, and your friends will be pleased you stop asking them for the time. Watch out for the current Daniel Wellington collection from Ticwatches, which is bang on trend with its clean lines, simple fabric bands, and large faces. It’s the type of watch that will style up a classic jeans and t-shirt, but also pair well with a simple black suit for the office. Or, how about a watch, which itself can be accessorized? OClock by Ticwatches are a collection of interchangeable bands and faces that click in and out, making them one of the most versatile products on the market.


Scarves have become one of the most popular accessories on the market, but often times they sit gathering dust in closets until they get sold at a garage sale. Learn how to tie a scarf properly and you’ll never leave one at home again. Remember: infinity scarves are among the simplest products on the market.


You can appreciate a good pair of heels without becoming a shoe addict. Select your shores carefully, picking a few simple pairs to match any outfit and throw in a couple bold and fun trendy pieces to coordinate with your more basic clothing. Check out some of the hottest new lines available online.


Everyone knows hats are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, but few people on the streets seem to be sporting new fashions atop their heads. Maybe it’s a matter of familiarity and comfort – we’re just unsure of how to wear hats and where they are appropriate. Don’t be shy; regardless of how you feel in it, a fashionable hat will turn envious heads your way everywhere you go.



Fresh Shave, Time Honored Tradition - POSHGLAM

Fresh Shave, Time Honoured Tradition

As published on  March 4, 2015
By Jenn Schleich

Settling down into the barber’s chair for a morning shave is a time honored tradition no more.

A nice clean shave used to be a mark of good grooming and luxury. However, with the advent of the disposable safety razor, convenience has long since given that notion the boot. Also gone by the wayside are proper skin care techniques. Shaving has become a dreaded chore among men, discarded as soon as they settle into committed relationships; take note of how many husbands seem to have donned beards.

But Wet Shave Club, a small company based out of Florida, is striving to change that. The company, which was founded in 2013 by Kevin Pereira and Rohan Gilkes, is tapping into the new trend of subscription goody boxes – monthly packages delivered right to a member’s doorstep – to bring wet shaving back into mainstream culture. The company also wants to prove wet shaving isn’t just for men and will be offering a women’s box beginning in April.

Despite their speed and disposability, cartridge safety razors and shaving foams are notorious for razor burn, ingrown hair and dry skin. So why do men seem to just put up with it? Perhaps it has something to do with drug stores over-stocking their shelves with plastic cartridge razors and shaving foams, while double-edged razors and wet shaving products are difficult to come by.

“It’s not just a fad,” says Wet Shave Club co-founder Rohan Gilkes. “The wet shaving community is a tight-knit group of people that are all after a common goal: to have the best shave possible. For those in the community, it’s a way of life.”

Wet Shave Club’s monthly boxes contain everything a man needs…





Spring Fragrances -

Smashing Fragrances for Spring

Copy produced by Jenn Schleich for Alberto Morillas Perfumes / Published by POSHGLAM

This year’s new fragrances for spring are taking their inspiration from a traditional motif: the flower garden.

Botany and perfumery have always gone hand-in-hand and same with the ideas of botany and spring. Flowers return a palette of varied hues to the world and infuse the air with complex and subtle scents; it’s no wonder the biggest names in perfume are taking their cues from such a muse.

Floral Inspired Fragrances For 2015:

1. Issey Miyake’s City Blossom

Designed by French urban artist Mademoiselle Maurice (a.k.a. Mary Saudin), who’s street art is ultra-colorful, and perfumer Alberto Morillas, Issey Miyake’s newest fragrance is a poetic embodiment of nature’s foray into the heart of the urban environment. The scent is inspired by the domesticated varieties of flowers common to city florist shops.Spring Fragrances -

2. Salvatore Ferragamo’s Emozione

This newest scent from Salvatore Ferragamo is designed by perfumers Alberto Morillas and Amandine Marie. Emozione’s heart is a rich floral bouquet of peony, heliotrope and Bulgarian rose, with notes of white peach, bergamot and iris, among others…





Lacoste + J. Crew -

J. Crew and Lacoste Collaborate On New Line

As published on March 2, 2015
By Jenn Schleich

For the love of polo shirts, J. Crew and Lacoste are teaming up to bring a line of exclusive polos to the streets for Spring. The newest collaboration in the fashion world infuses the traditional French polo shirt with a fresh breath of modern American style.

Available in a number of colors, notably white, navy, burgundy and orange, the shirts will be available in J. Crew’s “Looks We Love” section. Appearing on the classically styled shirts is a vintage Lacoste logo dating from 1983. The shirts will offer a slimmer cut than Lacoste shoppers are used to wearing, in addition to soft cotton that gives a well-worn vibe to the shirts.

Lacoste + J. Crew -

The entire marketing campaign around the shirts is equally vintage, showcasing images from Lacoste’s historical archives of children and adults sporting vintage looks from a time gone by…



Hard Candy @

Hot and Happening Looks From Hard Candy

Copy produced by Jenn Schleich for Hard Candy makeup products / Published by POSHGLAM

It’s hard to not fall in love with Hard Candy’s newest line of fun products, which have just been released in time for spring.

Among the newest merchandise are a few stand-out items, including a number of brand new shimmering shades of the brand’s iconic nail polish that first propelled Hard Candy into stardom. A brand new luminizer, high-shine lip gloss crayons and their Poppin Pigments multipurpose glitters are also joining the party.

Doesn’t the word crayon just get your artistic gears turning? The lip crayons stain the lips, producing deep lipstick-like color but go on more like a gloss. Best of all Hard Candy claims it won’t dry out your lips, plus it contains a lip conditioner. With excellent true-to-life color, it’s super easy to apply and never requires sharpening.

The company has also reinvested in its classic nail polish line, which was the first product launched by Hard Candy back in 1995. Polish lovers will find 8 new shades of edgy nail polishes, which come in a series of fresh in-style colors. Among the collection are amusing features like unique and increasingly popular pop art lacquers. Intensely fun, totally non-traditional, completely affordable and 3-free: sounds like a win-win-win.

Though we’re all looking for a boost of colour in February, it’s the luminizer, infused with real 24 carat gold, that’s going to grab attention. Soon beach weather will be upon us and beach weather means the beach look will be back. The Glow All The Way Sheer Glow luminizer is one of Hard Candy’s newest tools to replicate that dewy sun-kissed look – wait, don’t all people come in from the pool looking this stunning?

For the face or the body, it’s a light-weight product with gradual self tanner and is available in five shades, including the boldly named Glamazon Bronze(not for the faint of heart) and the more neutral In the Buff.

*Samples were provided for review