Online Media Is Reviving The Writing Industry

Pussy+Pouch_Circular is an amazing example of the success emergent online media has been experiencing over the past couple years. There was a time when journalism was seen as a dying industry and we were counting the days until writers were considered completely unemployable, but that’s no longer the case. Editorial media is experiencing wildfire growth. What I personally find great about websites like Bustle, or The Indie Chicks, or Bitch Media, or Jezebel, etc. is these websites are the very antithesis of aggregate content (cough huff post cough); every single article is original and it’s got a pure, authentic, upbeat conversational tone. At it’s heart, it’s one big conversation about our mutual experiences as an intensely connected culture. I mean we’ve never been more connected as a people than we are today. Where am I going with this. Oh, I am super delighted to have written three articles for Bustle this month!


Bad-ass pregnant women.

Vagina purses


Rihanna and Dior: A Black Mask On White-Washed Social Elitism

When Dior announced that Rhianna was going to be named the new face of the company’s Secret Garden campaign I immediately popped on email to let my editor at POSHGLAM know about it. When she heard my proclamation — let’s get a quicky news bit up fast — she was less than impressed with me. It’s always nice when your boss is disappointed in you.

I originally wrote this piece for one reason only: my black editor prodded me to examine Dior’s problematic racial and gendered history. She was always pushing for an edgy examination of fashion.

I have lots of love for Rihanna’s edgy lyrics and sweet beats. I’ve been tuning in to listen to RiRi since her Pon De Replay days. But, you know I have no real love for Dior since I actually dug into learning about the fashion house. It’s not so much that Dior has a shady history, because let’s face it, lot’s of long-lived companies haven’t always been socially righteous. What I was really disappointed to discover was how Dior has repeatedly failed to correct those past issues in its present day business operations.

So, no, I haven’t written another joyous exclamation of Rihanna’s amazing news.

POSGHLAM is now defunct, which is really too bad. The piece in question is now hosted on my blog. Read it here.